Trial Run #1

I am a huge believer in standing behind the products that I sell. I am not only looking for quality but I also am looking to be certain that the customer’s order arrives in a timely fashion.

Granted that I have only had the online store open for business for one week I do not expect orders to come pouring in overnight. Now is the time for me to take the opportunity to learn how the shipping process functions and to time the shipments. I feel that this is very important not only for the business but also for future customers to know that I will be tracking each and every sale to be sure that they make their way to the customer on time.

With that being said, I placed my first order this week. I am starting off small and bought a sample pen. The ordering process was simple and easy to process for both me as a customer and me as the seller. Next comes the shipping.

Unfortuantley, most of the products for sale in my store are coming from China. Buying products from China does have their pros and cons. The pro is the cost and availability but the con is that the shipping time can be pretty long due to the hold up in customs. All products coming into the US must go through customs and this can hold up the shipment for weeks. Extimated shipping time is one week to six weeks.

Well the vendor took three days to process the order and then another 24-hours to prepare the order for shipment. Now that makes four days since I placed the order. The order has been sitting waiting for pick up for two more days. So far the estimate ship date is 5 to 10 more days.

I will keep you all posted to my findings.

I estimate that if I am planning on placing my Christmas Shopping thru L & M this year I will need to have ordered everything on my list no later than Thanksgiving if I want a 80% guarantee that the shipment will arrive on time for Christmas.


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