Build a Skincare Routine

Just having great DNA does not guarantee that you will have great skin. Your daily habits will significantly impact the person you see looking back at you in the mirror. There are tons of articles out there that will offer their opinions on moisturizing and protecting yourself from UV rays. What it comes down to is how you care for your skin as a personal matter.

There are three main steps to a skin-care routine.

1. Cleansing – Wash your face.

2. Toning – Balance your skin.

3. Moisturizing – Hydrate your skin to keep it soft.

The main goal is to tune up your complexion. Developing a routine will allow you to notice changes within yourself. In addition, your skin will shift its needs with age, so you will need to change your products. Don’t try to create perfection. Instead, start a ritual that will fortify your skin and fit into your daily lifestyle ritual.

You should begin to see results as you use a product once or twice a day for over at least six weeks.

Use in order of consistency – thinnest to thickest. For example, start with the cleanser, then the toner next is the serum, and last is the moisturizer.

Sunflower Face Scrub
Light BB
Rose Gold Moisturizing Cream


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