Cloth Diapers – They’re Back!

The return of the cloth diaper. They are not the same diapers that your grand mom used in the 1950s. Pins are out, and Velcro is in. Velcro has made life so much easier for so many things.

First were the Velcro sneakers. No more tying shoelaces. Then we found that Velcro was good for so much more, including cloth diapers.

Have you priced disposable diapers lately?

Gees, I’m so glad that I don’t have little ones. I don’t know how people can afford the convenience of disposable diapers these days.

Do you use disposable diapers or cloth?

I first learned about the new style cloth diapers a few years ago when my last grand daughter was born. My daughter pointed them out to me. She is a single mom of two. I don’t know how she was able to afford disposable diapers, but she was using them for the first child and then switched to cloth with her second child.

They fit well due to the Velcro closures and the snaps.

There are special absorbent bamboo cloth inserts that are made to go inside the cloth diapers to give them added protection against accidents. Add the pant covering and your babe is good to go.

Check these diapers and inserts out!

Baby Nappy Washable Hemp Cloth Diaper

Fluty Dabby Diapers

Bubby Dappy Diapers

Fluty Charcoal Dappy Inserts

Use Fluty Charcoal Dappy Inserts in the Dappy cloth diapers. Extra inserts for added leak control. Environmentally friendly reusable inserts. Stop throwing away disposable diapers and save money.

  • Nappy Insert
  • Diaper pad for Dappy Diapers
  • Pocket diaper
  • 35cm x13cm
  • charcoal bamboo material

The next time you are looking for a baby shower gift, keep the new mom’s budget in mind and consider giving her a set of these new style cloth diapers.

How many are needed?

For starters, a two to 3 day supply would be best. A new infant will soil about 7 to 8 diapers a day. A three day supply would be at a minimum of 7 diapers and 8 inserts.

The new mom will need to have plenty on hand for rotation between washing and drying. They can be tossed in the washing machine once they have been rinsed out in the toilet.

Use of cloth diapers is a sanitary way to go. No more fecal waste in the local landfills in plastic coated diapers that will take years to breakdown. They are not only economical when compared to disposable diapers but they can be used for future children and passed down generation to generation. Cloth diapers will also eliminate allergic reactions to plastic disposable diapers that have special chemicals used to absorb all the expected wetness of a soiled diaper.


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