How I Began to Follow the Latest Fashion Trends

In my early teens, I didn’t get sucked into fashion trends. I always wore T-shirts and Jeans. Occasionally, I would dress up in a skirt or a dress. Looking nice made me feel awkward. Maybe I didn’t think I deserved to look nice all the time.

I wonder if our parents set our trends in early life. For example, they buy easy-to-find clothes at bargain prices. Yet they can spend a hundred dollars for a dress for themselves and not feel guilty.

I remember this one pair of pants that my mom bought me in the mid-’70s. It was bright Firetruck red. You could pick me out in a crowd. At least my friends let me know how bright those pants were. Eventually, I avoided those pants. I would not let my mother pick my clothes out for me ever again from that time forward.

I mentioned those pants to her later in life. She said she thought I had liked those pants because I had loved wearing bright red when I was younger.

“Hmm, that was when I was 3 and 4 years old. I am not a toddler anymore.” I let her know that she set me up to be picked on for the clothes I wore.

Once I graduated from High School, I started to buy my own clothes. I found the styles that I liked. But fashion took a back seat once again in my life while I started my own family. I was always conscious of the clothing styles that I picked out for my son and daughter. I always wanted them to look their best. Meanwhile, I was back to wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

It is so easy to conceal a poor figure in loose T-shirts and baggy jeans. After a while, you don’t notice how sloppy or shoddy your look is dressing like that.

For the next 30 years, I found factory work and didn’t pay any attention to fashion. But then I finally found my higher education and realized my fashion style was pathetic. So, I searched for something better to wear at the local Walmart and didn’t like most of the styles I found. So, I turned to Amazon.

Amazon filled some of my style needs, but it was still lacking.

I was working on a business degree. However, a bachelor’s degree needs to be utilized so that all that learning is not thrown away. Then, I stumbled across Shopify, and a new love/passion for fashion was born.

Now I find all the latest styles that I like. I don’t worry about whether anyone else will like them. If I am willing to buy and wear these styles that I like, someone else is bound to feel the same way.

And they are.

What is my favorite?

I ordered one of these dresses. It is for one of my customers whose order seems to have been lost in the mail, so I ordered an extra one to ship to her. I hope that the lost one shows up and is sent back to me. I would love to have this dress for my wardrobe collection.


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