What’s Your Style??

Everyone has a style. That look that they are comfortable wearing day to day.

Then there is the style that you wear to weddings and those special engagements. You try to look classier – snazzier then how you dress for everyday activities. Yeah! You know who you are.

However, the wanna be-s will buy the high fashion clothes but they are afraid to let anyone see them dressing for the lifestyle that they wish they had.

Well you know what?

Wear your high fashion styles. Maybe someone will take notice and consider you for the next promotion because you don’t look like a factory worker.

T-shirts and jeans are great for yard work or puttering around the house. But if you have a high end wardrobe you should start wearing it before the closet moths wear those outfits out for you.

Unless you are like me and buy a size too small but refuse to send the order back because you secretly hope that you will lose all that weight in the next few months so you can fit into your new clothes.

It’s too small for me!

I bought this dress. I love this dress. But it is not my size. I am so bummed out. It is a gorgeous dress that can be worn to the office. Very stylish. A bright red color. The material is stretchy but not stretchy enough for my misshapen body.

It is easy to put on and take off. If only I could leave it on with the zipper zipped up in the back.

I normally wear an extra large. This one is a Medium/Large. Or a US Size 12/14.

I bought it because one of my customers ordered the dress and I noticed that the tracking for the dress was not moving along as it should so I feared that the dress may be lost in transit. So I ordered a second one and had it shipped to our little shop. I loved it so much I had to try it on.

Yup – Not going to work.

So if you are looking for a size 12/14 I have a beautiful dress for you. It is ready to ship to a USA address right away. I’d say that the estimated delivery time for NH to California is about 5 – 7 days by snail mail. That is a pretty shell.

We have other dresses, tops, pants, sweatshirts, and more to choose from. I just wish that shipping was back to pre-pandemic. Back when UPS delivered in no less than 3 days. Back when FedEx didn’t lose packages. And, back when the US Postal service delivered mail everyday.

I would love your support!

I get it that you don’t want to buy from my shop. That is fine. But I would really appreciate your help with affording this blog.

Click on the advertisements. That will help me out. A few dollars of ad revenue will go a long way to keep this blog up and running.

Thanks so much!


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