Wear Killer Shoes Without Killing Your Feet

Every buy a pair of shoes, wear them and your feet are killing you after 6 hours have gone by?

You are not alone.

I hate buying shoes that I love only to learn after a few hours that I can’t wear them and then they hide in my closet for years before I can come to terms with parting ways.

Here are a few shopping pointers for buying your next pair of shoes.

You should buy genuine leather or suede shoes because they are more pliable and will mold to the shape of your foot. In addition, they do not have added stiffener in the heel area. So, after a few wears, chafing is reduced. You can also use heel cushions as a second line of defense to prevent friction.

Lace Up Flock High Heel Ankle Boots

Don’t buy shoes that are too small in width. Shoes should allow a thumb’s width from one side to the other side. This gives your foot a little wiggle room, so it does not create friction against the sides of the shoe.

Color Block Ankle Strap Ultra High Heeled Pumps

Try on the shoes at the end of your day or shift while your feet are sore and tender. Even those shoes you ordered online should be taken for a test drive. Most websites will honor returns if you request the return during the 14 days return window. Just ask and let them know that the shoes do not fit your feet correctly. Most shops will understand.

Lace Edge High-heel Pointed Toe Boots

When you try the shoes on, don’t just walk or stand on the carpet. Instead, take a stroll to the kitchen to see how these shoes feel on a hard surface such as linoleum.

Suede Side Low-heel Zipper Boots

Yes, you can wear mile-high stiletto heels. They won’t necessarily hurt your feet if you use a ball of foot cushions to reduce the foot from sliding around and allowing shock absorption.


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