Quip about eCommerce from L & M Kee

Have you been thinking about starting up your own business, but you are strapped for cash and wonder if there is a way to follow your dream?

The possibilities are endless with a bit of creativity.

I discovered Shopify over two years ago. What started as an experimental project to practice the skills and knowledge I learned from my business degree has grown into more than just a hobby/side job. A job is no longer a job when you do what you love.

I have always loved fashion but could never find the styles I liked in my local Walmart stores. So that was the first reason that drew me to open an online eCommerce store.

Shopify provides all the knowledge needed to get started. Add some business skills, and it opens the door to be successful. Once you know your niche, you will have the staying power to continue even when starting on a shoestring budget.

One of Shopify’s tools for effective email marketing is its email workflows. An AI system is set up to provide automated emails based on rules you set for you and your customers. These workflows prompt product reviews, upselling campaigns, and callouts to return and purchase again.

It takes time and money to build a business. Therefore, every cent earned is returned to the company to encourage continuous growth.

This year’s sales may be lower than last year’s earnings, but sales are steady from fine-tuning our product niche. We got this even though Covid has caused multiple shipping delays. Next year holds promised growth.

One change we have made for the coming year was to cut back on our cosmetic line and grow our soap line. We made our soap for the first time this past summer and discovered how much we enjoyed creating this product line in our own home. Having total control over the ingredients we choose to use in our products is a huge bonus.

Our Jewelweed soap is made from the herbs harvested from our property, inspired by my son, who has a knack for finding poison ivy patches. When he catches poison ivy, calamine lotion barely works to calm the itch, and it leaves blotched color wherever the ointment is used on the skin. Jewelweed soap leaves no residue. Yet, it does soothe the irritation.

We are looking for a quick last-minute gift for your family fisherman. Check out our Jewelweed soap. Unfortunately, supplies are limited to the Jewelweed we have on hand until next summer’s harvest.



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