L & M Kee – Beautiful Fashion shipped to your home

Are you considering an online e-commerce retail store?
I opened L & M Kee three years ago on the Shopify platform. Shopify is fairly easy to learn. They do have their own help center, which is designed to answer common questions about how to set up your store.
We have made my share of mistakes since the initial opening. However, that is to be expected when opening a new business.
The most challenging issue has been finding quality products that ship from within the United States. Many companies will not sell to small businesses forcing many new fashion boutiques such as L & M Kee to source their fashion styles overseas.
Some customers are understanding and others not so much.
Our goal is to someday open a physical store so that we would have a place to keep actual stock/inventory for quick shipping.
L & M Kee offers refunds for all our products. However, shipping charges are non-refundable. We are charged shipping costs for our supplies and cannot eat that cost at this time. When you think about it, a customer that returns a product back to Walmart is not refunded gas money to make their exchanges or returns. Amazon offers free shipping at a cost to the customer that has increased by almost $50 in the past two years.
At L & M Kee, there are no memberships to join or minimum purchases. You can order one item for $0.50, yet there is a shipping charge based on the total order cost.
We will continue to make improvements by finding different sources for our fashion in the hopes of keeping costs down and top quality for your wardrobe.
Stop by L & M Kee and see our latest fashions.


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